Release 1.13 contains 14 bug fixes and 8 improvements.

Netdata has taken the first step into the world of Kubernetes, with a beta version of a Helm chart for deployment to a k8s cluster and proper naming of the cgroup containers. We have big plans for Kubernetes, so stay tuned!

A major refactoring of the python.d plugin has resulted in a dramatic decrease of the required memory, making netdata even more resource efficient.

We also added charts for IPC shared memory segments and total memory used.


  • varyumin, who graciously shared the original Kubernetes Helm chart and is still helping improve it
  • p-thurner for his great work on the SSL certificate expiration module.
  • Ferroin for his priceless insights and assistance
  • Jaxmetalmax for graciously helping us identify and fix postgress connection issues


Bug Fixes