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· 3 min read
Andrew Maguire


We are always trying to lower the barrier to entry when it comes to monitoring and observability and one place we have consistently witnessed some pain from users is around adopting and approaching configuration management tools and practices as your infrastructure grows and becomes more complex.

To that end, we have begun recently publishing our own little example ansible project used to maintain and manage the servers used in our public Machine Learning Demo room.

This post introduces this project as a somewhat simple example of using Ansible with Netdata. Read on to learn more, but more importantly feel free to explore the repo and see how it all hangs together.

· 3 min read
Shyam Sreevalsan


Hello, fellow data enthusiasts and Google Colab aficionados! Today, we're going to explore how to monitor your Google Colab instances using Netdata. Colab is a fantastic platform for running Notebooks, developing ML models, and other data science and analytics tasks. But have you ever wondered how your Colab instance is performing under the hood? That's where Netdata comes into play!