Building an agile team’s ‘safety harness’ with cmocka and FOSS

Netdata is made up from agile teams who are deeply committed to improving the usability of our product. We want to respond to our users and introduce in-demand features. Working directly with our community is the best way to make Netdata better. But we face the same the dilemma as all agile teams: How do we do this safely? Safety means that we can move quickly without compromising the quality of our code.
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How and why we’re bringing long-term storage to Netdata

We’ve built a lot of amazing things into the open-source Netdata monitoring system. But, no matter how far we’ve come, we’ll always be proud of how little RAM it uses.

Right now, Netdata stores metrics in your system’s RAM using a ridiculously efficient database. It only saves or loads historical metrics from disk when you restart it. With this system, Netdata can be both low-resource and exhaustive in its collection of real-time metrics.

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