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· 9 min read
Andrew Maguire


We recently got this great feedback from a dear user in our Discord:

I would really like to use Netdata to monitor custom internal metrics that come from SQL, not a fan of having 10 diff systems doing essentially the same thing as is, Netdata is pretty much all there in that regard, just needs a few extra features.

This is great and exactly what we want, a clear problem or improvement we could make to help make that users monitoring life a little easier.

This is also where the beauty of open source comes in and being able to build on the shoulders of giants - adding such a feature turned out to be pretty easy by just extending our existing Pandas collector to support SQL queries leveraging its read_sql() capabilities.

Here is the PR that was merged a few days later.

This blog post will cover an example of using the Pandas collector to monitor some custom SQL metrics from a WordPress MySQL database.